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What is Your Life’s Mission?

Optional Scripture: Psalm 122 (lectionary text)

What is your life’s mission? In other words – what is the core motivation that drives your daily thoughts and actions?

This is a potent question to ponder, especially during the Christmas season. Time moves swiftly over the circumferences of our lives. It is imperative, as believers in Christ, that our individual and collective life missions are worthy of Him.

Like everyone, I have been in some thin places. Always, the Body of Christ has been there to support, encourage, affirm, guide – whether it was a note, a meal, tickets to a ball game, vacation lodging, a sermon, or healing words during a round of golf.

God’s Word is ripe with mission statements: Go and make disciples. Baptize. Teach. Bind up the broken hearted. Give sight to the blind. Be a light on a hill. Bear one another’s burdens. Be a vessel of honor, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

These statements all say the same thing – Love God. Love People.

That is our mission – let your light SHINE – Merry Christmas!

Beginning with the Lights

Optional Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5 (lectionary text)

Families gather around the Christmas tree and begin to decorate, beginning with the lights. The lights on the tree are followed by the rest of the ornaments, which reflect the light and make the tree aglow.

In the bible, Matthew 5:14 states, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.” Here, Jesus basically tells us that we were made to stand out in the world. Okay, got it. What else? According to Isaiah 2:2, Jerusalem “shall be raised above the hills; all the nations shall stream to it.” Isaiah prophesies that Jerusalem shall be the future house of God, where everyone shall learn the ways of the Lord. Jesus is saying more than just that we are meant to stand out. He is saying that we are like Jerusalem on the hill, unable to be hidden, and that we will attract people through our charity. As it says in Matthew 4:16, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works.” Light often times is symbolized as goodness and virtue. To share this light with others is to do good unto them and show them love and pure kindness.

As my way of sharing light, I sponsor a child in Costa Rica. The sponsorship, organized through a Christian mission organization, pays for her school materials and meal products for her family. It is my hope the light I have shone on Maria leads her into the light, both in goodness and knowledge. To incorporate the Christmas theme and tie in my opening statements, I’m leaving you with this: we are the Christmas lights, and the ornaments are the people we impact, who now have a light of their own to shine and share with others.

Dorcus Group Update

York Co. Quilters “First Friday Group” has been called our “sister group” because Dorcas Group member Sylvia Martin’s sister, Wynnell Shows, is a member of the First Friday Group. Their location is Rock Hill, SC and agreements with textile mills in the area gives them access to bolt ends and surplus materials which they have generally shared with the Dorcas Group- the other reason they are called our sister group. They have a heart for sharing. They, too, make “little dresses” to send to underdeveloped countries with people going “on mission”.

Our Dorcas Group has been able to expand the variety and quality of items it can now donate to local and foreign missions because of the variety of fabrics received from our
sister group.

Dorcas learned that the Rock Hill group had a request from one of their local pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Joel Lutterman, for 200 “little dresses” to take to Honduras at the end of October on a mission trip with the International Heart Foundation. This is a non-profit medical charity dedicated to providing life-saving surgical care to children with congenital heart defects who live in underdeveloped countries. Dr. Lutterman wants to distribute the little dresses in the areas of his work in Honduras.

Dorcas Group, because dynamo dressmakers, Billie Gomez, has been sewing 25-30 dresses every two weeks, had a good inventory of dresses and sent to our SC “sister group” 50 little dresses, which was gratefully received as part of the 200 requested by Dr. Lutterman.

So, “sister groups” in Rock Hill, SC and FBC-SSI have joined our hearts to seek Him and our hands to serve Him.

Anyone who wants to join Dorcas is invited to join and contribute in whatever way you are able. Dorcas meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in Room 105.

Dorcus Group Update

Mrs. Jennifer Fussell attended the Dorcas meeting on August 8 to discuss the “clean water” ministry in which she and her husband, local Dr. Kevin Fussell, actively participate in Haiti and The Dominican Republic. After the meeting, she took with her 50 little dresses and 60 ditty bags to distribute in the small villages they serve with their clean water ministry. These items will be sent to Haiti and DR with representatives attending their “clean water” conference and fund-raiser in Atlanta this month. When the Fussell’s return to Haiti in November, they will take with them additional dresses and ditty bags.

Recent donations of Dorcas-made neck pillows, adult bibs, crocheted and fleece throws, and memory pillows taken to Hospice of The Golden Isles were gratefully received by staff, who deliver them to both in-home and Hospice-housed clients.

Ditty bags, to be filled with personal items, for the local Seafarer’s International “Christmas at Sea” program, will become the focus of the group until mid-November. FBC-SSI congregation participated in the filling of the ditty bags last year, and the Dorcas Group invites you to again donate socks, gloves, warm scarves, books, Bibles, personal hygiene items, and non-perishable snacks. The Dorcas Basket will be found at the Fellowship Hall door for your contributions for the men who come to our ports during the holidays. These men are away from home for six months at the time, so a little bag of unexpected Christmas cheer and love can be a really meaningful experience for them. “Walk in their shoes” in your mind for a moment…and be generous.

Words From Our Children’s Ministry Interns

This summer has been a bit of a surprise to me. I think I may be enjoying all of the activities as much as the kids are.  I knew all of them before I took the internship but to be able to be with them this summer has been so much fun.  Thanks Rebekah for picking fantastic things for us to go do!—Abby

For the past year I have been working with the kindergarten and first grade Sunday school class. With this summer internship, I have gotten to work with all ages of the children’s ministry. I think my favorite part of the summer has been going on the mystery trips. It is fun to see the reaction of the children at the surprise adventure. Of course, VBS and choir camp have always been important to me because they minister to many nonmembers. —Ansleigh