First Baptist Church St. Simons Island

Mission, Vision, and Values

First Baptist Church St 레모네이드 마우스. Simons Island is A Family of Believers Dedicated to Serving God And Sharing His Love.

Our Vision

The vision of the First Baptist Church of Saint Simons Island is to be a family of believers sharing God’s love and grace with all people 워드 2010 한글판 다운로드.

Our Mission

The mission of the First Baptist Church of Saint Simons Island is to help people…

  • Experience God through Jesus Christ,
  • Grow through Bible study and prayer,
  • Celebrate God’s presence in worship,
  • Give hope and help to those in need, and to
  • Provide a sanctuary of love and Christian fellowship 다운로드.

Our Core Values

Biblical Foundation - We study and teach God’s written word,  acknowledging its authority and celebrating the story of the revelation of God, inspired by God and written by God's people, so that all might come to know the Living Word, Jesus Christ 다운로드.

Prayer - We are committed to praying faithfully, both individually and as a church, seeking God’s will.

Worship - We are welcoming and inclusive of all people in worship that exalts God with awe and wonder, celebrates Christ with joyful song and thanksgiving, and submits to the Holy Spirit in reverence and humility 다운로드.

Stewardship – We are dedicated to the stewardship of our lives and resources, recognizing our spiritual gifts, and offering them sacrificially and joyfully to God through service to His church 같은 시간속의 너.

Missions – We share the love of Christ and offer His redeeming grace by meeting the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our community and the world 스파이더맨 더 유니버스 다운로드.

Community – We embrace the diversity of our congregation and are committed to developing unity and common purpose, enabling all to participate, to serve, and to lead 다운로드.

Freedom – We believe in the priesthood of all believers, affirming the freedom and responsibility to relate to God in our own personal way, as we are lead by the Holy Spirit 네이트온 구버전.

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