Minister of Youth

The First Baptist Church of Saint Simons Island, GA, is currently seeking resumes for the position of Minister of Youth.  The Minister of Youth is responsible for providing ministerial leadership to develop a comprehensive youth ministry that is consistent with the mission of the church.  Youth is defined as people in middle school through college age.  The Minister of Youth shall be a Christian ascribing to the vision of FBCSSI, have completed the necessary seminary course or the equivalent to lead in the area of youth, and shall have worked with youth for at least two years.

The principal duty of the Minister of Youth is to equip and assist the church organization and leaders in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive youth ministry in support of the mission and objectives of First Baptist Church.

Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Serve as the head of the Youth Council
  • Attend and report at Deacons’ meetings, administrative committee meetings, and any business meetings regarding the activities, achievements, and needs of the youth program
  • Participate in planning and conducting worship service
  • Participate in home visitation, outreach, and hospital visitation
  • Assist in planning church special events with various committees
  • Keep the Pastor and staff abreast of the development of the youth program and activities.
  • Assist in the hiring process of the Summer Youth Ministry Intern
  • Assist in other duties assigned by the Senior Pastor      
  • Develop and implement programs that attract youth to Christ and promote spiritual growth
  • Direct the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space utilization by youth groups
  • Plan and coordinate special events that touch all youth at various levels of spiritual maturity
  • Lead the Youth Ministry Team in preparing an annual budget that is reflective of the goals and objectives of the ministry
  • Develop healthy relationships with the parents and guardians of all youth to assist them in their growth as Christian parents and to counsel them when needed
  • Keep abreast of youth trends and resources needed in order to serve as an advisor to the church on adolescence
  • Review and evaluate all materials used in the area of youth
  • Be a visible support to the students and parents            
  • Develop and administer programs to recruit and equip adults to work within the youth program
  • Develop and administer a program of active outreach to the youth of the community
  • Develop and administer a program for follow-up with youth visitors and their parents
  • Other ministerial duties as needed

Resumes should be sent to