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Dorcus Group Update

Dorcus Group Update

York Co. Quilters “First Friday Group” has been called our “sister group” because Dorcas Group member Sylvia Martin’s sister, Wynnell Shows, is a member of the First Friday Group. Their location is Rock Hill, SC and agreements with textile mills in the area gives them access to bolt ends and surplus materials which they have generally shared with the Dorcas Group- the other reason they are called our sister group. They have a heart for sharing. They, too, make “little dresses” to send to underdeveloped countries with people going “on mission”.

Our Dorcas Group has been able to expand the variety and quality of items it can now donate to local and foreign missions because of the variety of fabrics received from our
sister group.

Dorcas learned that the Rock Hill group had a request from one of their local pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Joel Lutterman, for 200 “little dresses” to take to Honduras at the end of October on a mission trip with the International Heart Foundation. This is a non-profit medical charity dedicated to providing life-saving surgical care to children with congenital heart defects who live in underdeveloped countries. Dr. Lutterman wants to distribute the little dresses in the areas of his work in Honduras.

Dorcas Group, because dynamo dressmakers, Billie Gomez, has been sewing 25-30 dresses every two weeks, had a good inventory of dresses and sent to our SC “sister group” 50 little dresses, which was gratefully received as part of the 200 requested by Dr. Lutterman.

So, “sister groups” in Rock Hill, SC and FBC-SSI have joined our hearts to seek Him and our hands to serve Him.

Anyone who wants to join Dorcas is invited to join and contribute in whatever way you are able. Dorcas meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in Room 105.