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Thank You for Wounded Warrior Help

Thank You for Wounded Warrior Help

Col. John Campbell led a truly impactful event for combat injured soldiers and their families this past weekend. He provided an experience to some of the most deserving families and we give him much praise. This year was different than in years past because he wanted to offer childcare so that all soldiers and families would have the opportunity to participate. It was definitely a challenge with the short time frame of planning and all of the unknown variables of ages and number of kids but many people stepped up and helped to make this a huge success.

One of these wonderful people is Brooke Maynard. She worked hard and it paid off. The stories of how much fun these children had keep pouring in.

Elizabeth Jordan said that the Mission Team’s goal was that the children would be provided with an equally memorable event as that of their parents who would attend the McGladrey Classic. This was definitely accomplished. One child was crying when a mother went to pick her up because she did not want to leave. Another mother said that this was the first time she had been able to leave her four year old autistic child in someone else’s care. It was a great experience for both parents and

I would like to thank our Office Staff (Anna Coursey, Rev. Barry Kerr and Angie Wainright) and Childcare staff who helped with this event on their time off (Heidi Harris, Betsy Crumbliss, Jill Johnson, Laura Moore and Abby Wainright). I would also like to thank all who volunteered (Monica Colquitt (nurse on site all weekend), Morgan & Mattie Colquitt, Sylvia Martin, Joni Bennett, Annette Owens, Porter Boyer, Pat Natzke, Christine & Sam Norris, Alicia & Craig Shell (provided Georgia Sea Turtle Center Program), Ken & Glenda Kessler, Wendy Alberson, Maggy & Laney Wainright, Lynn & Thom Chapman, Sharon Proudfoot, Debby Richardson and Barbara Hanzalik). The community also helped in a tremendous way. Spacewalk gave us a very good deal on the inflatables. Also, when we went to pay for the children for putt-putt the lady told us that it was anonymously paid for. Last but not least, I want to thank our FBC SSI children for spending time with the children of these military families on Sunday. You helped them to truly feel special and to have a great time. Thank you!