First Baptist Church St. Simons Island

Christmas Is A Door Thrown Open

Christmas Is A Door Thrown Open

Optional Scripture: Matthew 4:16 (theme selected text)

Isaiah 9:2

The people living in darkness
Have seen a great light,
On those living in the land of death
A light has dawned.

We are the people living in the darkness; the darkness of fear, disbelief, and distance from God that takes us into the shadows of doubt and despair. The light of Jesus can open the doors of healing and restoration.

Christmas is a door thrown open, a season like no other. Christ is the first part of the word Christmas- a syllable of joy on everyone’s tongue. Are our eyes and hearts open to the Light of Jesus? Are our hearts alive with the hope of pointing others to a Gift like none other? We must make a promise that we will be watching, listening and sharing this Light. This Christmas, keep your Light turned on.

Lord, I want people around me to know that I believe You are the Light of the world. I want to love You so much others can see in my life – even if they never listen to the words- that I believe that You are the “Light of the World”.

We have been born to bear witness to that Light. Each time we approach the Advent season, we become joyously occupied with celebrating what the Light has done in our lives. This is the true calling of the season. To let others see that You, Jesus, are the Light of my life- of all life.