First Baptist Church St. Simons Island

Prove Them Wrong, O Lord

Prove Them Wrong, O Lord

Optional Scripture: Psalm 4:6 (theme selected text)

Many say that God will never help us. Prove them wrong, O lord, by letting the light of your face shine down upon us.

In 1997 Lee and son James traveled to Kenya to meet their Compassion sponsor child. While there we met a Compassion social worker who was visiting in Nairobi. Her husband had recently died leaving her with six children and barely enough money to pay her rent. We got permission to sponsor one of her daughters, and so the auntie rode the bus from their village into Nairobi bringing the younger children so that we could meet them. We met Sebby, a shy 9 year old girl. She and her sister sang for us in their village language because they did not know English. That year she learned English in school and wrote us beautiful letters. She always included inspirational scripture and reminded us that she was praying for us. Our family went through some difficult struggles during those years, and we were comforted by her family’s prayers and encouragement. 10 years later she was chosen for the Leadership Development Program because of her strong Christian leadership and her high academic success. Sebby attended medical training, and in 2011 we went to her graduation. How wonderful to hear that she was seeing patients in a clinic and delivering babies!

That day we heard her story. In her testimony at LDP graduation she shared that when her father died everyone told her she was destined to be a child of the streets. She believed she had no future; she felt hopeless and cried in bed every night. Then she heard she had a sponsor. Because of the Compassion program, she received a social worker and a pastor to encourage and mentor her. Today she shares the gospel with everyone she sees in the clinic! How beautiful it is to see the light of God passed from person to person.