First Baptist Church St. Simons Island

Soak Yourself in the Spirit to Show the Light of Christ

Soak Yourself in the Spirit to Show the Light of Christ

Run finish your shopping, wrap the last gifts…hurry-up! Double check your to-do list to make sure you have everything done! This time of year is so busy. In reality, our lives in general are too busy. If you are like me, we rush from one thing to another trying to do what is demanded.

I want to get back to basics. De-clutter. Simplify. I want my life to have more of what really counts in the end. So often, some of the things demanding my time, aren’t really the most important things. With all of these demands, I realize that even the best made plans, the purest intentions and most organized to-do list will ultimately fail without Jesus.

As a child of God I have direct access to Him. He tells me I personally can come before His throne. Me…individually! (Hebrews 4: 14—16) How neat is it that our Creator gives us access to Him. The more time I spend with Him—in His presence, talking to Him, learning about Him, listening to Him—the more time I am going to want to spend with Him. I want to know what plans He has for me, I want to look in the mirror and see the person He sees in me. I want to taste His goodness, grace and mercy. I want His love to fill me to overflowing and penetrate to the very core of who I am. I want Him.

Soaked in Him, I hope that when others look at me all they see is the Light of Christ. I hope they see the work of Holy God. I hope they sense His love—because that is what really matters, that is what is really important.

And all of this made possible because He was willing to come as a baby, grow as a child and die as a man for our sins—just so we can come before Him freely. Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for coming for us.