First Baptist Church St. Simons Island

What Are You Doing to Serve God?

What Are You Doing to Serve God?

Optional Scripture: Matthew 24:36-44 (lectionary text)

What are you doing to serve God? What are you doing to thank him for all that he has given you?

We all have unique gifts and strengths. Jesus wants us to use these gifts for good. Sometimes it is hard to recognize your specific gifts and can be even harder figuring out how to use them.

A while back, the pastor put out a challenge to really dig deep and do something special to bring joy to someone. This challenge really tugged on my heart and it just happened that our church was doing the service at Magnolia Manor that Sunday. I decided to attend the service and to bring little cut flowers. I got Lexi to help me, and she handed out the flowers to all the residents. I will never forget the smiles and joy that she brought to them with that simple act of kindness. Lexi loved giving the flowers out, would answer their questions (regarding her name and age), and even gave hugs. I was so proud of her that day. I quickly learned that my kids are one of my gifts. They are lights of hope for the future.

Wendy Alberson

I love going to the nursing home with my mom. We sing songs and spend time with the people. Sometimes I bring flowers or make them cards. They smile when they see me and want to give me hugs. It feels good to do something nice for somebody. I think God likes that.

Love, Lexi Alberson (age 9)