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What is Your Life’s Mission?

What is Your Life’s Mission?

Optional Scripture: Psalm 122 (lectionary text)

What is your life’s mission? In other words – what is the core motivation that drives your daily thoughts and actions?

This is a potent question to ponder, especially during the Christmas season. Time moves swiftly over the circumferences of our lives. It is imperative, as believers in Christ, that our individual and collective life missions are worthy of Him.

Like everyone, I have been in some thin places. Always, the Body of Christ has been there to support, encourage, affirm, guide – whether it was a note, a meal, tickets to a ball game, vacation lodging, a sermon, or healing words during a round of golf.

God’s Word is ripe with mission statements: Go and make disciples. Baptize. Teach. Bind up the broken hearted. Give sight to the blind. Be a light on a hill. Bear one another’s burdens. Be a vessel of honor, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

These statements all say the same thing – Love God. Love People.

That is our mission – let your light SHINE – Merry Christmas!